Named for the swiftly flowing creek that winds throughout much of the property, Valley Creek Land & Timber, LLC is the ownership entity for approximately 70,000 acres of property in the heart of Alabama. Comprised of lands mostly acquired by Tennessee Coal & Iron during the late 1800’s, and subsequently purchased by US Steel Corporation in 1907, nearly every acre has a very rich history.

Not only have these land holdings not changed hands in over 100 years, the property has a storied past dating back to the Gilded Age when various corporations owned large swaths of land across the country as they raced to develop natural resources and construct massive railroad projects. As one of the last remaining large, mostly contiguous land holdings in the Southeast, this property is in a class of its’ own.

With the majority of the property located just minutes from the Birmingham city limits, it spans from Bankhead Lake on the West all the way to the Cahaba River on the East. Whether it’s hunting and fishing on the weekends, riding horses with friends, canoeing along the Cahaba or simply a weekend getaway, this property has something for everyone.

Managed by CLAW Forestry Services, LLC for timber production and recreational leases, the focus is on continued stewardship of the land. Our vision for this property is to carry on the legacy that has stood the test of time.